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溢盈制服 - 於1995年成立,專注為各大中外企業機構提供優質的制服設計及生產服務,自設廠房,專業及富創意的制服設計師隊伍,能迎合實際市場需要,同時配合一班經驗豐富的車縫技師,確保每件制服均是高質素的產品,再加上合理價錢和完善的售後服務,令顧客得到簡易快捷的訂貨服務,如有任何制服查詢請致電本司,安排專人跟進回覆。詳情請致電營業部...

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PEBA Uniform started her uniform services in 1995.Being a specialist in uniform production, PEBA Uniform is committed to provide excellent uniform design and services for corporations. 

Our team of talented and creative designers continually generates new ideas whilst hitting the market trends, added to the exquisite sewing works of our experienced sewers, resulting in high quality uniforms. Furthermore, we guarantee prompt delivery and superb after-sales services that enable us to become the best choice of our valued customers.

If you have any enquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us! .... 

Tel: +852 2498 5898